The Create LIVE department in Norway Live is constantly working to find smarter and better ways to produce storytelling – with our customers in the lead role.

We assist with everything from concept development, content and production, to creative distribution. We believe that commercial content presented in our programs should be relevant and useful for viewers. We also aim for the programs to hit the desired market, with high coverage and frequency. Regardless of witch channel you convey something: storytelling is as important now as ever, and the opportunity to spread stories has never been greater.

Norway Live – a part of Frontir Media & Technology Group.

As part of a group with several technology companies, we benefit from each other’s expertise. While users have largely adopted new technology to communicate and consume media, there are still many in the professional part of the media industry – broadcasting and events in particular – who prefer ‘tried and tested’ over ‘new and improved’. The result is expensive, and often boring, productions. At Frontir Media & Technology Group we want to disrupt the media industry. We are a playground for media and technology development.